Company Profile
Hua Jung Components Co., Ltd was established in 1983 and initial public offering in 1997 in Taiwan. We are one of the leading of Film capacitor manufacturer. Our factory is located Dongguan, China with global total employee of 1000 people.
Our original key-markets include power supply and Lighting. However, after the shortage in the year 2010, the market-demand was reduced dramatically and lighting-market also turns toward LED-lighting. More and more countries reinforce their investments into PV and Wind power to reduce their dependence on nuclear power, a continuous growth of this market over the next decade can be expected.
We also witness a trend developing for Power-Electronics with increased efficiency and long vitality. In the long term, without a doubt, the demand for Film capacitors will increase significantly due to a continuous growth of products which will help decrease energy consumption.
HJC focused on the energy product development in past years and have more innovative products developed we are enhancing continuously new R&D projects to offer advanced solutions to meet our markets. HJC will continuously innovate and keep a close cooperate with our customers together for future product development.
Company Overview
一、Established on 20th of April, 1983
二、Company Milestones:
1983:HJC was established with its main focus on capacitor manufacturing and sales. 1990:During National Quality Month -“Quality Key Case Studies Seminar”, HJC was awarded with Best Manufacturer 1991:Implemented IPQC inspection system network. 1992:Introduced Axial type capacitor and implemented automatic production lines. 1993:
X2 AC250V film capacitor was awarded with Safety certifications from 8 countries around the World
Successfully developed MPS and MPSA capacitors used in High Definition Cs monitor circuits.
Awarded ISO9002 by DNV United Kingdom
Recognized by PHILIPS Netherlands as GREEN SUPPLIER in the Far East Region
Winner of the Excellence Award from ADCEC
Successfully developed mini-size PPSA capacitor
X2 AC275V film capacitor was awarded with Safety certifications from 8 countries around the World
Winner of the 5th National Award of Outstanding SMEs
Listed on the TWSE on 28th of August.
Awarded ISO 14001 by DNV United Kingdom.
Awarded the QS-9000 certification by TUV Germany as Approved Supplier for top 3 automobile companies in the USA
Passed ISO 9001 : 2000, TL 9000, QS 9000, and ISO14000 certification
Obtained CQC Certification for product range MKP X2 and MKT X2
HJC PPS, PPN & MSB series passed the Passive Flammability Category B Tests.
Registered as a member of the NPC system in China
AC capacitors successfully developed
Dongguan Factory received ISO/TS16949 & OHSAS18000
Y2X1 series capacitors developed
HJC Guandong registered as a member of the EICC
Developed THB capacitors
Developed X2 305VAC capacitors
Developed DC-Link capacitors that can be applied onto solar and wind electricity generator
HJC Dongguan passed IECQ-HSPM QC080000:2012 certification
HJC Dongguan developed MPB series 850VDC/450VAC high frequency, high voltage, resonant capacitor
HJC Dongguan passed the IECQ QC 080000:2012 and SGS ISO/TS16949:2009 certifications
Safety certificate f or MKX1 480VAC series
UL certificate for THB-X2 series
QUALITYPriority Of Quality Perfection,Pursuit The Superiority. INNOVATION&
Advanced Designs And Interactive Technologies.
EFFECTIVENESSEfficiently Coordinate In Maintaining Corporate Competitiveness. SERVICEQuick Response And Excellent Service With Regional Sales And Distributions. TEAMWORK:The Integrates Marketing, Engineering, Manufacturing And Service To Satisfy Our Customers. Environmental Health and Safety PolicyThe creation of energy-saving environment , Paying attention to workplace safety and accident prevention